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10 Reasons Why your Business need a Social Media Marketing ?

Are you one of the numerous business owners who believes that social media marketing is a waste of time and money? Think again, and get your facts straight, because if you keep thinking like this, you can be making a bad business decision. What you may not realize is that social networking is rapidly evolving as a powerful digital marketing tool for connecting your company with targeted audiences – many of whom might become potential clients if the process is done correctly.

Each social platform has a unique audience. Organizations can divide such audiences based on a variety of demographics and interests. It would be the most outlay method of advertising the enterprises. On the other hand, social media is more than a marketing tools. It provides an evaluative link among customers and the institution. Here are some convincing reasons to invest time and money in social media marketing (SMM) if you’re on the fence about it.

  • Enhanced Company Recognition: Did you know that 90% of consumers who have a social media account have used it to engage with businesses directly? Brand recognition and exposure are improved by including a social media strategy into your marketing mix. It’s a terrific approach to keep your target audience informed about new product releases and updates.

Unlike email, your message doesn’t get filtered out. New prospects and existing customers become more familiar with your brand as a result of your content reaching a wider audience. Individuals’ preferences and points of view can be seen, which you might not otherwise be aware of. This increased visibility can aid in gaining their trust and encouraging them to do business with you again.

  • This is where you’ll find your patrons: Every day, 59 percent of people visit a social media site, and a third of those people check their accounts more than five times! A company that posts on a frequent basis becomes more interesting to its customers. Marketers can more easily target the correct people with over hundreds of social sites to select from.

Pinterest, for example, has a female user base of 68 percent and a male user base of 32 percent. LinkedIn users are 35 and up, and Nike is the most popular brand on Instagram. You can focus on the social venues that your audience frequents after you know who they are. The top 6 media channel are still the best place for any business to start their social media marketing:

  • Better Brand Retention and Contextual ads: We all want to buy at a business where the personnel are attentive to our needs. It’s in our nature. The same is true for online shoppers. Consumers are more willing to be loyal to a brand that engages with them, responds to their questions, and addresses their problems. If you engage with a retargeting partner, you can retarget shoppers who abandoned their cart by showing advertisements on their social network.

Facebook and Instagram are two prime examples. Thanks to machine learning, your retargeting partner will continue to improve at displaying tailored advertisements to the relevant individual, reducing abandoned carts. It’s another way to show that you’re concerned about your consumers’ needs.

  • SMM is one of the most cost-effective advertising tactics available: It costs three times as less as traditional media. A basic cross-channel examination of the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of advertising is provided below as an example. Social networking is a cost-effective way to sell without jeopardizing outcomes.

The most major expenditure is the time spent generating and delivering content, as well as having conversations with customers. Nevertheless, when weighed against the benefits, the time invested is little. According to Hub Spot, 84 percent of marketers gained traffic with only a 6-hour weekly commitment.

  • Real Time Performance Analysis: Unlike traditional forms of marketing as mentioned above, social media allows you to constantly keep track of how well your posts are performing. Social media allows you to monitor what kind of interaction you’re generating and adjust/update it as needed. You may regularly update your plan based on real results thanks to the large selection of social media analytics tools accessible today.
  • Publicize your items / solutions: This may seem self-evident, but using social media marketing to promote your products and services to both existing and possible future clients is critical. According to studies, 54% of consumers utilize social media to investigate things, indicating that Google is no longer the only means to search. Using social media to remind current customers of your items as well as present your products to new individuals is a quick and easy technique.
  • From the premise, industry understanding: The market awareness that social media provides is one of the most significant advantages for marketers. Market awareness is all about understanding the needs of the client. They are happy to tell you whether or not they are watching your social media pages.

It’s as if you’re having each conversation with hundreds of customers, eliciting their thoughts and opinions. Individuals’ preferences and points of view can be seen, which you might not otherwise be aware of. Furthermore, rather than allowing problems to develop, you can address them right away.

  • Maximum Conversion Premiums: We’ve already talked about how producing high-quality content on a regular basis develops trust and promotes your organization as an authority. For example, Big Commerce created three shorter video Facebook ad campaigns from an existing video. Over the last campaign, there was a 3x increase in free trial conversions, according to the findings.
  • Improving Search Scores: While Google’s stated position is that social media has no bearing on a website’s rating, some marketing studies differ. The average number of shares, comments, and likes on social media has been linked to the site’s rating in several studies. In search engines, a company’s social profile is ranked. For example, if you Google the cosmetics firm “Chanel,” the first SERP will include links to their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

All global businesses maintain a constant social presence, which can serve as a signal to search engines that the brand is value, trustworthy, and authoritative. Despite the fact that ranking elements are constantly changing, you can expect that having an active social presence will help you rank higher. And don’t forget to upgrade your profile regularly.

  • Directly Interact with Targeted Customers Using Social Media Marketing: The opportunity to immediately communicate with other internet users via social channels, as stated before, is probably why the social media revolution took off in the first place. This characteristic is what most people associate with Web 2. 0, which is an evolution of the preceding Web 1. 0 system, which only displayed static material. Online engagement became available with Web 2. 0, allowing users to easily submit comments, “like” a post, tag a photo, participate in online surveys, rate items or vendors, and book a hotel room.

You can use these social interaction platforms to gain higher engagement with your targeted clients if you follow proper protocols and etiquette. No other traditional advertising approach can provide a better channel of direct communication with clients than social media. The more you communicate with your online users, the more trust you establish, which may lead to online users becoming devoted consumers.


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